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The Tamworth Waler Memorial

May 1

About The Tamworth Waler Memorial

On a historic day in October 2005, the  Tamworth Waler Memorial was unveiled. With the influential presence of the decorated retired Army Major General WB Digger James AC, MBE, MC, the ceremony was a grand tribute to the valiant soldiers who fought in the famous charge of Beersheba on the 31st of October, 1917. The occasion saw the marching of 47 Light Horse re-enactment riders and the 12/16 Hunter River Lancers, who provided a guard of honour at the memorial site. The unveiling of the Tamworth Waler Memorial is a gentle yet firm reminder of the soldiers' sacrifices for their country.

The Memorial to the Australian Light Horse, also known as the Tamworth Waler Memorial, is a stunning tribute to the brave men and horses that served in the Australian Light Horse units during World War I. This memorial was unveiled in 2005 by Major General WB Digger James AC MBE MC, a true hero. Constructed at $150,000, this impressive monument was funded by grants from Federal and State Governments, Tamworth Regional Council, Joblink Plus, and generous donations from local businesses, property owners, RSL Sub-Branches, and the community. The Tamworth Waler Memorial was designed and created by the talented sculptor Tanya Bartlett, hailing from Newcastle. It is a fitting tribute to the sacrifice and bravery of the Australian Light Horse, a poignant reminder of their vital role in our nation's history.

The Tamworth Waler Memorial

What to do at The Tamworth Waler Memorial

This bronze statue is a poignant and moving tribute to the Australian troops who served in the First World War. The sculpture, crafted by the talented artist Tanya Bartlett of Newcastle, depicts a trooper bidding farewell to his faithful Waler horse in the deserts of the Middle East. The trooper stands tall and stoic, with an expression of both sadness and determination on his face. The female Waler horse looks up at him with trust and loyalty in her eyes. The detail and artistry of the sculpture are truly remarkable, capturing the emotion and sacrifice of those who fought in the Great War. Accompanying the statue are several plaques that serve as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served. This memorial is a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of the Australian troops and their faithful companions, the Waler horses.

The Tamworth Waler Memorial Committee is immensely grateful for the support and generosity shown by the many organizations and individuals who donated to the appeal. This lasting tribute to the Tamworth Walers would not have been possible without their contributions. The Committee would like to give special recognition to the RSL Sub-branches and the 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers for their involvement in this project. In addition, the Board and Staff of Joblink Plus hold a special place in our hearts as they have played a significant role in helping us fund the construction of this Memorial. Their selfless dedication to this cause has helped immortalize the legacy of the Tamworth Walers, and we are forever grateful for that.

The Tamworth Waler Memorial

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