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Art Gallery of Ballarat

Jan 11

About Art Gallery of Ballarat

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is a true gem in the heart of Ballarat’s heritage precinct. Not only is it the oldest regional gallery in Australia, but it is also one of the most exciting. Boasting an extensive collection of Australian art, the Gallery presents various exhibitions, from cutting-edge contemporary art to themed shows that draw from its collection. It is a focal point for Ballarat’s lively arts scene, attracting visitors with its special interest in ticketed shows. Beyond the art on the walls, the Gallery is situated in the heart of Ballarat’s central area, famous for its great cafes and restaurants, book and antique shops, and commercial galleries. A visit to the Art Gallery of Ballarat is necessary for anyone passionate about art and culture.

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is a must-visit destination for any lover of Australian art. The Gallery boasts an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and works on paper, showcasing key moments in Australian art history. From stunning colonial pieces to contemporary works, visitors will be amazed at the range and depth of the gallery's collection. The Gallery building itself is a work of art, with grand and elegant nineteenth-century rooms interwoven with stunning contemporary additions. The Gallery's commitment to preserving the heritage of its collection while exploring new frontiers in Australian art makes it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Art Gallery of Ballarat

What to do at Art Gallery of Ballarat

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is a gem in the city's heart. With an impressive collection of regional artwork upstairs, this gallery is truly one to behold. You'll be amazed by the incredible range of paintings, sculptures, and installations on display. The artists here are truly skilled at their craft, and it shows in the amazing pieces they've created. And if that wasn't enough, at least four temporary exhibitions are always on display downstairs. Whether you're a die-hard art lover or simply looking for a fun day out, the Art Gallery of Ballarat is an essential stop.

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is a cultural hub that offers an exciting mix of old and new Australian art. The gallery is home to a fantastic collection of masterpieces that have stood the test of time. The temporary exhibitions program is always exciting, presenting new and refreshing perspectives on contemporary Australian art. But it's not all about the art – the Gallery shop is also a unique and interesting destination, filled with beautiful gifts, art and souvenirs you can't find anywhere else. And after you've explored the wonders of the gallery, you can always kick back and relax with a great coffee in the cosy café. This is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the Australian art scene.

Art Gallery of Ballarat

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