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Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Oct 4

About Barrenjoey Lighthouse

When you visit Sydney, don't forget to stop by the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Built-in 1881 and an iconic symbol of our city's history as well as its beauty - this lighthouse has been guiding ships on rough seas for over 130 years!

The iconic Barrenjoey Lighthouse sits at the most northern point of Sydney, offering outstanding views and an easy day trip for visitors. The lighthouse can be reached by two walks--the first leading up through Palm Beach village, where you will find many souvenir shops as well as some great seafood restaurants before reaching your destination; another path leads down from Botany Bay so those who want more exercise should take this route! Once there, though - whether it's to see what looks like a small version of England on Australia’s shores, enjoy breathtaking scenery while crossing one last bridge over flowing water.

Barrenjoey lighthouse

what to do at Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Join us on a guided tour of Barrenjoey lighthouse (every Sunday). The inside is only accessible by invitation, but you can walk around the outside. Drinking water and toilets are available nearby, as well as free parking at Governor Phillip Park, which will require some walking to get there from town or beachfront areas if they haven't already been occupied when we arrive first thing in order not to be stuck with no place left over!

Hike up to the top of Barrenjoey Track for an unforgettable view! From Governor Phillip parking area, take a leisurely stroll along this picturesque path that will require moderate fitness levels and takes about 30 minutes each way. If you're looking for more adventure, try Smugglers'Track which has challenging terrain with breathtaking views - it's also only 1 km longer than the regular route, so shorter hikes might be better if your time is limited or there are children in tow who need their energy conserved during uphill battles against gravity.

lighthouse view

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Name: Concrete Polishing Central coast

Address: 56 Narara Valley Dr, Narara NSW 2250

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