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Sea Cliff Bridge

Aug 27

About Sea Cliff Bridge

The Sea Cliff Bridge replaced a section of Lawrence Hargrave Drive that was permanently closed due to rock falls in 2003. A public outcry emerged over this road closure as it is the only connection between Coalfield, Stanwell Park and Otford with Helensburgh Northern Suburbs by the way off Wollongong's north shoreline frontier suburbs.

The iconic Sea Cliff Bridge is a must-see for any visitor to New South Wales. The 665-metre-long structure connects the coastline from Royal National Park all down through Loftus and Nowra, providing spectacular views as well as connecting two major roads so you can easily get around this expansive area!

The bridge has become an icon not only for those living in Wollongong but for everyone around the world. Each year, people come here just so they can take pictures and enjoy this beautiful coastal road that has been typically overlooked by tourists until now!

Sea cliff

What to do at Sea Cliff Bridge

The Sea Cliff Bridge has been a great way to get out of the car and stretch your legs since it opened in December 2005. The views are unbeatable, especially for migrating whales who head north or south during their season!

The bridge twists and turns around the cliff faces, offering incredible views looking up to Bald Hill with its iconic tower in front of billowing clouds. The serene sounds of crashing waves fill the air as you look over the edge, watching the water turn to foam and spill onto rocks below. The iconic bridge has become an icon for Wollongong and its people, welcoming tourists annually to this picturesque coastal road.

Iconic sea cliff

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