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How to Estimate the Cost of a New Concrete Driveway

Aug 24

Several factors to consider when estimating the cost of a new concrete driveway in Denver, CO. Your driveway's length and width may determine how much concrete you need. To find out how much concrete you need, multiply the length by the width and depth and divide by 27. Concrete order in Denver, CO, is usually expressed in cubic yards and should be increased by about 10% to account for errors. Your estimate should also account for gravel for the base, fabric underlayment, installation labor, and rebar or mesh wire. Permit costs will also be included. 

When installing a concrete driveway Denver, the most important factor is selecting a contractor with experience. Experienced contractors will ensure that your driveway is built securely and properly drains. Concrete driveways in Denver can last for twenty to thirty years with proper care and maintenance. Contact your local concrete producer for a list of qualified contractors. Get at least three bids from different contractors. Compare each bid item by item and be sure they are based on the same scope of work.

When pouring concrete driveways Denver, it's critical to remember that each layer should be anchored by a base layer at least three-four inches thick. You should also account for the weight of trucks, which weigh over 65,000 pounds. While most vehicles will not put much pressure on the concrete, a heavy truck will inevitably leave deep tire ruts in the turf. A freshly-laid gravel base layer should be a much better choice.

To increase the structural strength of your concrete driveway Denver, you can add fear to it. Rebar is a material usually placed within concrete forms to provide a grid. When using rebar, you should set the spacing between bars to about twelve inches. The wire mesh will help minimize cracks but does not provide support strength. If your driveway lasts many years, it is important to use rebar. You can add rebar to your driveway for a minimal cost.

While solid concrete driveways Denver are generally durable and long-lasting, aggregate driveways may be subject to deterioration and weathering. Small stones can break away from the underlying concrete foundation. The effects of weathering are often irreversible. Luckily, many installers recommend sealing the surface of concrete driveways to prevent further damage. However, a small crack is easily fixed with a suitable sealant. Shifting sections of the concrete driveway are more serious.

When choosing a Concrete Driveway Denver material, remember that concrete is not cheap. It may be cheaper, but it tends to crack and sink and needs to be maintained regularly. Asphalt can last up to ten years but requires regular maintenance. Because concrete is very durable, it's a good value for your money compared to other materials. While asphalt may be cheaper in the short run, concrete is the most durable for exterior surfaces.

Pouring concrete in a driveway requires a professional to use different types of concrete. There's dry-mix concrete, which requires you to mix the concrete on site, and ready-mix concrete, which comes in an already mixed, perfect consistency and can be poured almost immediately. A Concrete Driveway Denver should last many years, so don't delay getting one! And don't forget to consider the benefits of a concrete driveway!

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