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Prevent Potholes With Asphalt Paving Company Columbia

Aug 6

In most cases, it is not easy to prevent potholes from forming on your asphalt pavement in Columbia, TN, but there are things you can do to minimize the damages. Potholes occur due to the combination of the weather and traffic. They often appear in late winter and early spring, when the ground freezes and repeatedly thaws. Potholes can weaken pavements because the water stays in the asphalt base during this cycle. You can prevent potholes by maintaining your asphalt pavement in Columbia.

Before you begin to pave your road, it is important to consider what vehicles use it. This will help you design the road so that the thickness is sufficient for wheel loads. You can also consider adding geogrids to reinforce the subbase. Afterward, you can sealcoat your asphalt to keep water out of the pavement. If you have a large project, contact a professional Paving Contractor Columbia to assess the needs and budget of the project. There are several types of Asphalt Paving Columbia.

There are two basic types of asphalt: hot mix and stone matrix. Both are used for paving roads. Hot-mix asphalt has the highest density and is the most common type. These two types of asphalt can be categorized into three categories based on their size. Fine-graded mixes contain more sand and small stones than dense-graded mixes. Stone matrix asphalt is used on highways and other high-traffic areas. Call our Paving Company Columbia today!

When constructing an asphalt pavement, the precise step is used. Aggregate pavement components are weighed by a belt weigher, which allows the operator to weigh many materials at once. Once the aggregate is dry, it is reweighed and stored in silos. Depending on weather conditions, this process may take several days. Afterward, it will be ready for use. This process prevents the oxidation that turns the asphalt gray and releases the extra oils in the binder.

The next step is milling. Milling removes the top layer of asphalt without disturbing the sub-base. It can be done quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a full reconstruction. It is also much easier than resurfacing and requires less labor than full reconstruction. It is important to remember that the size of the damage determines the tool that will be used to repair it. If plant life pokes through the asphalt, the plant's root system needs to be removed. Call our Asphalt Company Columbia today.

Resurfacing is another method of asphalt repair. This procedure involves removing the top layers of asphalt and replacing them with a new layer of asphalt. The result is a new surface about two inches thick. Resurfacing your asphalt pavement can extend the life span of your pavement by eight to fifteen years and make it look new. If your asphalt is showing signs of deterioration, consider asphalt resurfacing. Not only will your pavement look brand new, but it can also add years of life to your property.

Several ingredients go into the construction of an asphalt pavement. The first ingredient is bitumen, which is a petroleum byproduct. Bitumen is the binder that holds the aggregates together. Once all the ingredients are mixed and baked, asphalt is ready for use. This material is safe for the environment, and its porous structure is what makes it an EPA best practice for paving. If you want to install asphalt paving on your property, here are some important tips to help you. Contact our Asphalt Paving Company Columbia.

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