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Cottesloe Beach

Jul 21

About Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Perth for its stunning views, fresh water, swimming and fine dining. You can get there by car or bus from anywhere around town - it's only a 15-minute drive away! But if you're looking to save some time (and money), take advantage of Transperth services, bringing your journey up northwards while allowing access to this picturesque strip overlooking Rockingham Bay.

Cottesloe Beach, one of the most iconic locations in Western Australia, is a famous beach with its location just minutes from metropolitan Perth and easy access by train. The reason for this success? Primarily due to how it has been recognized as a safe swimming spot because there are offshore reefs that protect travellers against strong summer breezes while at t same time making sure they're not left alone during their journey on land!


What to do in Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in all of Perth. This picture-perfect spot provides an oceanside escape for people to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and surfing while sipping wine or refreshing beer with friends at sunset overlooking beautiful ocean views!

Its many charms make this beach so popular among Perth's 19 sensational white sand beaches. Shady Norfolk Pines and pristine seas offer the perfect setting for an afternoon or family day out; plenty of restaurants nearby will provide you with all manner of food from salty breeches tacos (yum!) to fresh seafood platters - there are no excuses not to!

The crystal clear waters and consistent swell make this a regular hangout for swimmers, bodyboarders, and surfers. But it's not just about the great outdoors; if you're looking to get wet without getting too deep into your thoughts or taking off on an Independence Day weekend adventure-we have something perfect! Sculpture by The Sea transforms our foreshore each March into one incredible outdoor gallery space that will be certain to rule over any other art experience available today--and we mean no hyperbole when say "usually."

Cottesloe beach

One local company that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Patios Perth Elite

Address: 20 Saunders St, Perth WA 6004

Telephone: (08) 6373 2546