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Driveway Contractor Lincoln, NE | When should I replace my concrete driveway?

Jan 25


Is your concrete driveway getting close to 30 years old? When you back out of your driveway, do you have to drive over deep cracks and potholes?

If this is the case, it may be time to replace your concrete driveway. Our Lincoln, NE concrete driveway contractors can assist you in making your next steps. Continue reading for more information on concrete driveway replacement.


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· Advanced Age

Nothing, including your concrete driveway, lasts forever. If your driveway is more than 30 years old, you'll notice more signs of wear and tear. You may notice more cracks and potholes, for example. While concrete can last up to 30 years, how long it lasts depends on your climate, how well it was installed, how well it was maintained, and the amount of traffic.


· Standing Water

Don't disregard standing water! Our contractors can frequently lift sunken concrete slabs by injecting polyurethane foam beneath them. First, we drill ⅝" holes into the slab. Compared to traditional mud jacking holes that are 1 ⅝", the holes for polyurethane concrete lifting are smaller and fewer in number. This means that there will be less patching after the concrete slab is lifted. The polyurethane foam is then injected, raising the slab to the rest of the pavement level.


If we are unable to remove sunken pavement through concrete lifting, we may suggest replacement. Sunken pavement could indicate that the foundation is beginning to fail. Contact our Lincoln, NE concrete driveway contractors as soon as you notice standing water. Water could weaken your concrete driveway and increase the likelihood of cracks and potholes if you don't. Water can also infiltrate the foundation and cause long-term damage.


· Deep Cracks

Freeze-thaw cycles are harsh on concrete driveways. As the ground beneath the driveway heaves, the pavement may crack along the surface. If concrete driveway cracks are not repaired, they can widen and even turn into potholes. Water can also seep into cracks during the winter and expand as it freezes.

While our Lincoln, NE concrete contractors can fill small cracks, the same cannot be said once they widen and deepen. As a result, it's critical that you keep up with maintenance. Otherwise, you may have to replace your entire concrete driveway.


· Big potholes

Nobody wants to pay for concrete driveway repairs, let alone car repairs. Nonetheless, the two often go hand in hand. When you drive over a large pothole on a daily basis, you are more likely to damage your tires or even the suspension system.

By taking care of your concrete driveway, you can avoid the stress of an unexpected car repair. While small potholes can be filled, the same cannot be said for craters. When a pothole reaches

this point, you'll have no choice but to replace that section of the driveway or the entire driveway. Our Lincoln, NE, concrete driveway contractors can assist you in maintaining your newly paved surface so that it lasts for many years.


Our concrete driveway contractors in Lincoln, NE, are standing by to help you! Call Lincoln Concrete and Paving today for a quote on a new concrete driveway!


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