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Driveway Replacement Omaha, Nebraska | HOW TO INSTALL A NEW CONCRETE DRIVEWAY in Omaha, NE

Dec 24



When your driveway becomes stained, worn, cracked, or broken, it is time to contact Omaha Concrete and Paving and begin the process of pouring a new driveway for your lovely Omaha, NE home.

Installing a new concrete driveway is more than just mixing and pouring concrete; it entails ten significant steps to properly install a new, smooth, properly graded, and leveled driveway.



Your driveway will require its own installation schedule. Each home's timetable will be different. Installation and completion typically take several days, with the new driveway curing for another two weeks or so. Keeping this in mind, we will find a convenient time for you to complete your new driveway.



The first step in installing a new driveway is to remove the old one. We will break up and haul away your old driveway with loaders and/or jackhammers. If we are also performing sinkhole remediation at the same time as installing your new driveway, the old driveway will be used to fill the sinkhole.



The driveway's foundation is crucial to its strength and longevity. The sub-base must be strong enough to support the new layer of concrete and properly packed, smoothed, and graded in order for the new driveway to drain appropriately.



After the old driveway has been removed and the sub-base has been leveled and graded, the final paving preparations can begin. Forms will be placed around the driveway's edge to define its shape and edge.



We will also take final measurements to determine how much concrete is required during the paving preparation process. Then, we'll work with our suppliers to order and deliver the concrete on the scheduled paving date.


The concrete has now been mixed and is ready to be poured into the forms. The procedure will begin in the section of the driveway closest to your home and work its way out to the street. Each section is leveled to the appropriate grade as it is poured.



The concrete will begin to set quickly now that it is on the ground and in the forms. The surface will be broom finished after it has been leveled and floated. The periphery will be smoothed with a trowel, and any trowel joints will be picture framed.



While concrete hardens and sets quickly, it takes about a month for it to cure completely. It is safe to use the new concrete for foot traffic once it has hardened. We'll cut the control joints, remove the forms, and make any necessary site repairs. Remember to keep an eye out for pets during the first 24 hours because we can't get those muddy paw prints out of the concrete!



It appears to be finished, but you must wait to drive on the new concrete. Our recommendation is to wait 72 hours or more. If your new driveway is completed on Monday, you will be able to drive on it on Thursday evening. If it is not too inconvenient, it is never a bad idea to give it an extra day or two.



What we know about concrete today is far superior to what we knew previously. Whereas a driveway installed 20 to 30 years ago may have cracked all over, settled, and looked pretty bad, a newly replaced driveway may still look great after 30 years. Prior to pouring the concrete, we place control joints and, most importantly, ensure that the soil in the driveway area is properly compacted. To ensure that your new driveway lasts for 50 years or more, make sure that no trees grow too close to it – their roots could cause cracks – and keep it clean.

Starting with the right design is the key to a great, long-lasting driveway. We often replace driveways exactly as they were, to begin with, but we widen them, add a turnaround, make them narrower, or otherwise improve the layout of the driveway to meet the needs of our customers and their families.

The Advantages of Installing a New Concrete Driveway in Omaha, NE

Concrete, as a material used in the construction of bridges, high-rise buildings, and structures, clearly shows its superiority when used as a driveway material. The following are the significant advantages of installing a concrete driveway:


  1. Durability
  2. Provides a High Level of Versatility
  3. Low Maintenance
  4. Costs
  5. A Wide Range of Options


A Professional Driveway Contractor in Omaha, NE Will Make Your Life Easier.

Working with someone who understands the ins and out of driveway installation will make the entire process as simple as possible. An expert can advise you on the specifics of your situation. They can provide a more detailed account of the project based on your specific driveway needs.


When shopping around, request samples of previous work. And don't be afraid to ask questions about anything you're unsure about; a professional won't mind answering!


If you live in the Omaha, NE area and want to begin the driveway installation process, contact Omaha Concrete and Paving. We have decades of experience, and our experts are ready to put that knowledge to work for you to provide you with the best driveway experience possible!